Your time is precious, utilize it efficiently!

Why did you decide to move & study abroad? What were your priorities or goals? Can you take a minute to reflect & answer these questions before reading further?

World is constantly changing with time but not the mentality of students who are coming abroad for their studies!! While doing my master studies in 2013, I noticed a lot of my friends working in night shifts & doing laborious work for 6 – 7 hours a day (working on factory shop floors, DHL packing warehouses during Christmas, delivering food parcels in cold winter days, working on cruise vessels etc. to name a few). The same seems to be the trend with students who are currently pursuing their studies in 2020/21. A lot of you who attended the personal sessions with Reflections had the same story to say that you are tired because of working & don’t have much time. These jobs are usually done over a course of a few weeks or months continuously without a break. Yes, it does give you a good pay & help you cover your expenses etc.

But the following things usually get ignored:

1. Not enough motivation, energy or time to study, attend university lectures or concentrate on strategizing your job search process

2. Toll on the physical body – No time to cook & eat healthy food + many of my friends suffered from severe backaches, fractured or sprained hands/legs and a few who even lost their lives in freak accidents

3. Time lost is lost forever!

a. You could instead spend time on networking, upskilling, learning German language, reading books, attending Reflections webinars etc. which would have helped you to find a full-time job sooner

b. The same time could also have been spent on travelling locally, learning a new skill, making international friends, spending time with family, volunteering for your favorite cause, researching on personal finance/investing/insurances etc.

4. Prioritizing to finish your masters on time & getting a full-time job as soon as possible must be the focus of any student – ROI (Return on Investment) is way higher by doing this rather than working crazy hours & not able to find time to look for a job of your choice

Some ideas to utilize time better & earn a decent pay:

1. Look for jobs as teaching assistants or part time helpers at your university or other institutions

2. Look for internships, work student or part time jobs at various companies to gain further experience or to see if you like the company/industry or not

3. Apply for Scholarships with DAAD, various Stiftungs & organizations associated with your university – talk to your seniors or professors & find out more about them

4. Start a YouTube channel, online forum, website, networking groups etc. where you can sell your skills or showcase your ideas/capabilities

(If you can’t find such a skill, better invest time in yourself & master some skill. You always need multiple income sources in the future & such skills would then become a necessity)

5. The world is getting more digital. Sign up yourself as a freelancer online (e.g. with Trend scouting for market research) or take up consulting tasks by reaching out to your network

6. Teach foreign languages, take up math/science tuitions online, build websites, babysitting, volunteer with reflections, develop & sell online video courses, write book reviews, create videos, blog actively, design posters, code online, organize hackathons etc. à find something which helps you to leverage your skills and makes you more relevant to the job market

This post is dedicated to a dear friend of ours who had finished his masters recently but lost his life while working in such a harsh environment in a freak accident. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This post is not to tell you which job is right or wrong but to put forth some thoughts based on our reflections. 

Reflect with yourself before you sign up for any part time jobs, is it helping or adding value to you in the long run of your career. If you are still confused or undecided, do reach out & talk to us for suggestions.

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