Where to look for jobs in Germany?

One of the most frequently asked questions in our general job search strategy webinars is “Where to look for jobs in Germany?”

There are multiple portals in Germany which are either focussed on specialised fields or general fields. We have done our best to list down all the portals which we personally find to be good and easy to use. Some of these websites are in German language but you should be able to navigate them easily.

A very important prerequisite before looking for jobs is to have an updated LinkedIn & Xing profile since there are chances that the HR or Hiring Manager is looking into these platforms during the hiring process.

P.S.: We are planning for a special webinar focussed on Networking & Hacks on LinkedIn in the month of September. So, do follow us on our LinkedIN Group & LinkedIN Page for further updates.

Below you can find some useful websites to look for jobs in Germany:

Specialized websites 

General Websites

Networking Platforms 
  • LinkedIn
  • Xing

 Students & Graduates (for internships)

Job portal from Agentur fuer Arbeit, click here 

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