Virtuous cycle for continuously fine tuning your CV – Reflect, Relearn, Rework

Virtuous cycle of Reflect, Relearn, Rework will empower & enable you to navigate this difficult phase effectively

How is your job/internship search journey going on?

Struggling to crack the most important aspect of fine tuning your CV?

In spite of many applications, are you finding it difficult to get the first interview call?

Many iterations of applications & interviews later, you are not able to achieve your goal & get your desired job?


  • Deliberate, ponder & brainstorm over your progress so far
  • Reflecting on your journey, revisiting previous experiences & re-evaluating yourself can uncover many improvement opportunities
  • Accept the reality, be ready to identify & digest your mistakes. This is the starting point for succeeding & overcoming failures
  • Every application, interaction, rejection, silence & useful feedback is a new learning opportunity
  • Develop an optimistic mindset along with flexibility to adapt yourself based on needs of the market
  • Invest time & efforts more seriously on reworking each small aspect of your CV, on retelling  your life story in a more convincing manner
  • Continuously reworking on your CV is demanding, requires mindset shift from
  • “Why is my CV not being received well?” to “What changes/tweakings are needed to get a better response?”
  • “My CV is perfect & profile is great. Why don’t they get it?” to “How can I enhance my CV & profile to provide value for them, create a meaningful impact?”
  • “Why am I being rejected constantly?” to “How can I improve myself continuously?”
What exactly should I do? 
  • Don’t keep on applying with the same CV continuously for several months. Continuously upgrade your CV to the next level based on response received
  • Make sure that keywords in a job description are somehow, somewhere reflected in your CV to a good extent
  • Enhance & refine your CV by articulating your life stations in a more powerful, convincing manner correlating different dimensions with requirements from a job description
  • Strengthen your profile by upskilling, fulfilling demands of current times concerning your field, learn & present needed new tools, techniques of your field in a convincing manner
  • Reassess your job search horizon based on the supply/demand ratio for your field which can be guessed based on your experience with applications so far
  • Be ready to move out of your comfort zone, constantly challenge yourself & most importantly – Believe in yourself, derive confidence from continuous improvement & better preparation

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