Transitioning to a new field – Framework & Example

During the various webinars & personal sessions conducted by Reflections, one question which is most often asked is how to transition from field A to field B? It could be someone interested in engineering wanting to move to consulting or someone working in IT project management wanting to move to data analytics etc. 

Transitioning to a new field is a very crucial, equally complicated & delicate topic. Main reasons for transitioning to a new field could be:

  • Supply-demand dynamics of the job market
  • Relevance of your current skills
  • Non-availability of opportunities in your current field
  • Work satisfaction
  • Better Work Life Harmony & Balance
  • Passion to dive into the new
  • Moving away from your comfort zone for growth

Below is the Reflections’ Transitioning Framework consisting of Introspect, Upskill & Transform. Also, find the attached image of the Transitioning Framework.





Employ Reflections’ Transitioning Framework along with our expertise to successfully make the switch to your new envisioned field:

To better understand how to apply the Reflections’ Transitioning Framework, we have taken an example of Loukik himself. He started in Mechanical Engineering but slowly transitioned to Business/Innovation Management and now he finally moved to Data Engineering. Let’s read more to understand how this was possible and what Loukik actually did.  

  1. Introspect

  • Loukik already completed 300+applications in his current domain of business/innovation management but without concrete & final outcome. So, clearly the market situation & his current skills, experience were not enough & there was need to upskill 
  • The vacancies in the IT sector – Data Engineering field were comparatively enormous 
  • Although, there was immense resistance to change in the beginning, Loukik somewhere knew that moving on & switching was essential, the earlier the better
  • Once he prepared himself mentally for it, there was no looking back

  1. Upskill

  • Loukik reviewed his existing skills & figured out what exactly he needed to do in order to overhaul his profile
  • Online courses on various platforms were a great way for learning & even applying his knowledge via capstone projects
  • Simultaneously, searching & applying in the new field of Data Engineering was also a good idea to understand the job market in Germany
  • Profile building is a continuous process & he started off with courses on topics like Data analysis, Data visualization, Big data, SQL, Data Science

  1. Transform

  • Connecting dots was a big struggle as many decisions in life are taken based on the maturity at that point in time. But upon reflecting & introspecting, Loukik could successfully connect different stations of his life with the new field by showcasing his interest & keenness for it
  • Storytelling is a skill & one gets better at it only with time, practice & experience
  • Loukik ensured that he had the basics – mentally & skillset wise to answer himself as well as the interviewer 
  • With hard work & enormous efforts, obviously backed by Luck – he ended up at Accenture in July 2019 after 6-9 months of job search in parallel to his master thesis. 
  • Playing according to strengths & knowing weaknesses is very helpful. Loukik knew his limitations concerning data & IT related aspects, and he also knew hist ability to quickly learn & adapt based on new demands
  • Now, it’s been 18+ months at Accenture & Loukik’s journey at Accenture has been crazy with a very steep learning curve… learning many things the hard way & hence his growth & evolution has been amazing… The journey has just begun.

Do you also have a transitioning journey to share? Is this framework & example useful? 

Feel free to reach out to us for any kind of support in transitioning or in your job search journey.

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