The art of storytelling in an interview

The world around us looks for win-win situation in every deal. Interview is an opportunity where you sell yourself on why you are a win for the company. The first interaction is to introduce yourself. In other words, the employer is indirectly asking “Please tell us why you are a win for us”. In interviews, employer knows what skill-sets are required for the job.

Three pointers that can help to build your story 
  1. Your story should be unique
  2. Connect your past decisions/experiences

    By connecting your past decisions/experiences with the skills set that is required for the job, you are already to a good start. For e.g. if “taking initiative” is a skill in the JD, you can   mention about an instance where you took up an initiative that made an impact

  3. Mention motivating factors in your story

     Identify your motivating factors and include them in your story. Make sure that the JD has the scope to provide you with motivating factors. For e.g. if JD mentions executing a plan, then in your story you can mention about an instance where executing a plan made you motivated.

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