Story behind the birth of Reflections

On the occasion of the 6 month anniversary of Reflections, it’s time to reflect for Reflections

A single LinkedIn post with 25k+ views by Hanoc back in April 2020 sharing his experiences was the first impetus for Reflections. This was followed by a proactive outreach by Loukik to Hanoc with the backdrop of constant touchpoints since 2017. A webinar was consequently planned out & the next LinkedIn post led to Adithya reaching out to Hanoc for collaboration, even without any prior touchpoint. Our first webinar was highly successful. Many people were reaching out to us for inputs & suggestions especially due to tough COVID times. We also helped out students in different capacities that we could. The eventual & subsequent development was the formation of Reflections.

The open-minded approach, inherent capability to proactively take actions & readiness for collaboration and experimentation led to the birth of Reflections.

Tips from Reflections

  1. Stay open minded
     Staying open minded opens up immense possibilities, unlocks new opportunities & enables you to channelise your energy in a more constructive & powerful manner. Broadening your horizon, challenging yourself & moving away from your comfort zone is crucial for your evolution & growth. Staying open minded also has the potential to discover & unearth your hidden potential & inherent strengths that have never been explored & tested before. Networking & actively reaching out is just one powerful output of being open minded
  2. Reach out, network & collaborate actively
    Actively reaching out to people at any stage of your life is powerful. Expanding your network with professionals sharing your interests will keep you updated about the industry & your area of expertise. This targeted approach of selectively building your network with domain experts builds a strong base for your career development. Collaborate with people & engage in intellectual discussions for mutual benefits from long-term career perspective.
  3. Ask for help if you need it
    Accepting that you don’t know something that you have never experienced before is OK, infact only then will you try, explore & seek answers to your questions. Accept and understand your reality, realize your limitations, question yourself to identify improvement        potential & eventually reach out to the correct touchpoints that can guide, support & provide you directions based on their experiences & reflections.

Impact of Reflections

Reflections is now a strong family of around 500+ strong members & followers on LinkedIn group & page. Since its inception, Reflections has successfully conducted many webinars & personalized sessions sharing valuable tips, actionable & practical inputs & real-life experiences empowering, mentoring & creating a meaningful impact on the lives of a huge international community. Read about the wonderful testimonials & feedback shared by students who have been in touch with Reflections via webinars & personalized sessions on our LinkedIn group & page. 


Reach out 
So, let’s start with reaching out. We are reaching out to you constantly & frequently. Now, it’s your turn to reach out. Reach out if
  1.  You need support with anything regarding your job/internship search
  2.  You have ideas, suggestions & any inputs for Reflections
  3.  You want to just share your feedback & experience with Reflections

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