Our offers of personal one-to-one sessions for Jobseekers

Job Search Strategy

• Build a strategy for your job search

• Discussion about upskilling to boost your profile

• What recruiters and hiring managers look for when receiving an application?

• Evaluate how realistic your chances to land a job in Germany/Europe?

• How to build & engage your network on various social media platforms

CV & Cover Letter Optimization​

• Thorough review (line by line) and detailed feedback via video call for 60 mins 

• Help with Quantifying & Rephrasing statements 

• Guidance to adapt documents to job description

• Describe your professional skills & achievements in a way that the extra value you bring to the table is obvious to recruiters and hiring managers

• Fine-tune Grammar & format

Interview Training​

• Identify relevant examples from your experience & practice answering with the right flow by utilizing pertinent speaking strategies such as “STAR”

• Questions you should prepare to ask at the end of the interview & salary negotiation tips

• Post-interview follow-up strategy 

• Mock interviews & case studies in English & German languages


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Reflections is NOT a Job consultancy, employment agency or overseas education consultancy. At Reflections, we support YOU in reflecting on your education / professional experiences and building an effective job search strategy. We provide mentorship service for your successful career


All the services are provided one on one via online channels (Google meet virtual video calls). All the meetings are confidential between the client and Reflections