Reflections: Who are WE & how do WE help YOU?

Reflections community has been growing and we recently crossed 800+ members organically in 10 months. For the people who are new to Reflections:

What is Reflections?

  • REFLECTIONS aims at mentoring & empowering an individual’s career based on the combined international experience & learnings of 15+ years of the three founders. (HanocLoukik & Adithya)
  • We would like to share our failures and successes with every individual since “Giving Back” is the vision and foundation on which Reflections is based upon
  • We conduct personal sessions, webinars & share tips on weekly basis to help realize your dream job

What does Reflections logo signify?

  • Reflecting your career path and what to do next or how to go about with your career are some of the questions answered at Reflections, hence the letter ‘C’ is highlighted (implicating career). The letter ‘C’ also acts like a mirror reflecting the next phase of one’s career path. A point where one needs to reflect about where his/her role comes into play.
  • Graduation helps in gaining knowledge. At the same time, reflections and approaches are necessary for growth and a successful career (hence the graduation hat and the arrow on the other end showing growth)
  • Overall depicting how team reflections help everyone towards reaching a successful career start 😊

How can you stay updated about the latest webinars & infos from Reflections?

  • Please register here:
  • By registering in the above link, you get exclusive information about future webinars, loads of other weekly tips and suggestions to enrich your job search journey

1-on-1 personal sessions (paid)

  • We are happy to guide and give our honest feedback to improve your CV & Cover letter, conduct mock interviews, help you with salary and contract negotiations, create a job search strategy and answer all your questions personally
  • Read more about our services & testimonials in detail on our website:
  • Contact us at if you are interested to know further

How can YOU help Team Reflections? (Yes, you read that right!)

We want to reach out to as many people as possible in these difficult times. This is an international group & people from any country/background are welcome here. You can do the following to help us:

  • Invite at least 5 or more of your friends to our LinkedIn Group & LinkedIn Page
  • Share this blog with your friends or others who would benefit in their job search journey
  • Comment on this blog if you have any specific questions, feedback, ideas for future webinar or any other suggestions

 What’s new in 2021?

  • Reflections recently launched a WhatsApp group. This group will not spam you with random messages since only admins will post. Please join: We have started “Ask us anything” sessions (once a month) on the WhatsApp group
  • We started a new webinar series called “Learnings & Reflections” where experts from various fields share their journey and tips. Read more here:
  • We launched our new website which can be explored at:

We are excited & looking forward to helping and reaching out to more students & professionals in 2021.

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