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“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are very contagious” is a very apt quote which Adithya read recently on Instagram. And the immediate next post on his Instagram feed was about “Path 2 PhD” from Shivalee. What a coincidence!!

Adithya immediately reached out to Shivalee and realized that both Reflections & Path 2 PhD share the same goal which is “giving back to the fellow students”. All the shortcomings in their career journey will be your strengths which can motivate you and also save a lot of your time.

Shivalee didn’t want to be a researcher. Yes, you read it right! Right from her childhood, she dreamt of flying an airplane, but dreams change and so did hers. Almost 6 years ago, Shivalee went through dark times, flunked lot of exams which landed her to be a Biotechnologist. First year of bachelors made her so fascinated and interested in science that she started enjoying every bit of it. Learning about all the mechanisms simultaneously being carried out in a single cell still gives her goosebumps. Over the years she decided to pursue PhD and started applying during her last year of masters.

But she mostly received: “We are sorry to inform you that your application has not been selected”, “Your application doesn’t qualify for our PhD program” etc. She faced almost 30 rejections back to back. In this struggle to get into a PhD program, she networked, gained hands on research experience, enhanced her CV and finally got through it.

So, you can learn from Shivalee’s story that, 1. Dreams can change, embrace them, 2. Be resilient & 3. Don’t give up.

In due course of her PhD to now working as a Postdoc, many students contacted her asking to help them out in their PhD applications. This is where she realized how important it is to have someone by your side who has walked the same path. And thus “Path 2 PhD” was born.

What is Path 2 PhD?

  • It is a platform that aims at mentoring and empowering aspiring PhD students with their applications
  • Weekly Instagram live is hosted with PhDs around the globe having conversations about the hurdles and successes in their PhD journey
  • It offers a 4-week course to secure your dream PhD. The main aim here is to help you in figuring your WHY to managing your PhD

Through REFLECTIONS, Adithya & Shivalee would like to collaborate together and be that go to team to answer all your questions on PhD applications and help you personalize your success that you are proud of! You will see lot of interesting & useful blogs and really cool webinars being conducted on all topics related to PhD soon on Reflections.

Do connect with Shivalee,

Instagram- @shivaleeduduskar

Linkedin –

2 thoughts on “Reflections & Path 2 PhD”

  1. Himanshu Bhatt

    Hello Guys,

    This is very interesting development, thanks a lot for this initiative. We have many portals, blogs, videos talks about Bachelors, Masters but very few for PhD..
    Look forward to learn from your experiences. I am sure it will be very helpful for aspirants to look for.

    1. Team Reflections

      Thanks a lot Himanshu 🙂 We have published two more blogs on this PhDs. Do check them out & leave us your feedback.

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