LinkedIn Strategies to enrich your job search

When we talk about LinkedIn, the perception is that it is a platform just to search & find advertised jobs. Of course, this is the most popular reason for someone to be on LinkedIn. But what more can you do with LinkedIn? Let’s look into today’s mail for the answer.

1. Expand your network & optimize your feed 
  • Expanding your network with professionals sharing your interests will keep you updated about the industry & your area of expertise. This targeted approach of selectively building your network with domain experts builds a strong base for your career development
  • Optimize your feed to see contents that are relevant to your interest areas and stay updated about your domain & industry
2. Showcase and market yourself 

  • While increasing your connections, make it a point to engage by sharing your thoughts and knowledge. Your online presence will indirectly market yourself and make you visible to your connections. This could easily result in a job offer sometime down the line
  • Attend webinars of industry leaders, proactively interact during these webinars & learn the art of marketing yourself in forums
  • Read the posts & research shared by the hiring manager and proactively reach out to them with an idea to help them. Engage on their posts by actively commenting & liking them. Don’t ask for a job directly. Once you have built the trust & visibility, you can reach out to them about a job advertised in their department
3. Identifying Hidden Jobs & Interview Preparation 
  • Following closely your peers & industry will help you identify hidden job opportunities. For example, from your feed you came to know that a company is expanding, this means they
    will be looking to hire in near future. Maybe you have already interacted with someone from the company via LinkedIn? The possibilities are limitless
  • Identifying your interview panel and knowing about their profile will help you formulate convincing responses during your job interview
4. Getting ready for the job market / skill development 
  • By following the qualifications and skills of your peers in targeted companies, you can understand what skills need to be developed to achieve your dream job.This self analysis will help you formulate your training and skill development plan
5. LinkedIn Hacks 
  • Since recruiters keep “we are hiring” in the summary title, do search this keyword to identify recruiters/companies that are hiring
  • Link to external websites/sources should be mentioned in comments and not in posts
  • Use LinkedIn salary ( ) for salary negotiations 

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