Importance of German language

German language is one of the most crucial skills for surviving in Germany. Depending on the field of your interest & the supply-demand dynamics of the market, requirements of German would be variable. In general, the more proficient you are in German, the better your chances would be to get any job. German skills are crucial at each and every phase of an application – CV & Cover Letter Preparation, Interview Preparation, during Interviews as well as during work.

Tips for improving German:

Stay continuously in touch with German

  1. Actively take efforts to communicate with friends/colleagues in German
  2. Listen to news on audio stations, German audio via podcasts, movies, animations & favourite netflix series with German subtitles 
  3. Attend & learn from German language courses conducted by the University in every semester
  4. Visit libraries, explore & read books based on your German proficiency
  5. Find part-time jobs that would enable you to improve German
  6. Participate in university events, interactions & build a strong German network
Utilize Online Resources to improve German
  1. Use various modules of Deutsche Welle to learn german and constantly improve it. Slowly spoken news is a great way of listening, improving vocabulary –
  2. Use resources available on Goethe’s channels –
  3. Undertake German courses at German language institutes – Volkshochschule (VHS), other private schools
  4. Tandem Partners: Practise online for 30 mins a week
  5. You can now use a free app called Duolingo to learn a foreign language. PS: I learnt the basics of German using this app.  

Don’t wait until you learn the perfect German grammar. This is totally impossible. Just start talking to others and improve yourself by listening to others speak.  

How are you improving your German? Do share your experiences with the REFLECTIONS audience. 

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