How to tackle tricky Interview questions?

Interview preparation is surely very crucial & important to achieve your goals. But you cannot always anticipate all potential questions & might come across questions where you don’t have an immediate answer. Such tricky questions can be purposefully asked to test your capability to respond in uncertain situations. Here are few tips to tackle such situations:

Ask for some time to process & understand the question

Nobody knows everything. It’s ok if you don’t know something. Don’t panic & get stressed. Ask for some time (few seconds or a minute), process the question & get a broader generic understanding of the purpose behind the question. Reaching to “the right” answer is not the goal always, what’s more important is showcasing your capability to comprehend, show your approach to solve problems & capacity to think, connect dots.

Break down question into smaller parts

A long & complicated question can be difficult to answer. Break down the question into smaller, manageable parts & answer in parts. By answering in parts, you create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself as well as the interviewer. This also showcases your strategic approach in tackling complex situations & is crucial in such circumstances.  


Question – What are the aspects that make you a good fit for this position considering that you have pretty limited experience & your skill set also doesn’t completely correspond with the demands of this job profile?

Approach – Focus on keywords: Good fit, limited experience as well as skills. Give employer reasons as to what makes you the best person for this position. Showcase whatever experience & skills in a positive manner & sell yourself effectively using a convincing storyline & flow.

Ask sub questions

This approach converts the question/answer format into a discussion format giving you more space to breathe. Ask meaningful, concrete & specific sub questions to the main question to empower yourself to find a potential answer. By asking sub questions, you are already indirectly answering & this is good enough in case you don’t have an answer.


Question – What would be your strategy for VW to increase its footprint in the Indian market?

Approach – Pose yourself and/or interviewer these questions, convert the interview into a general discussion: What is VW’s current strategy for the Indian market? Is VW considering cultural differences between Germany & India while strategizing? Why does VW have a miserable market share in the Indian market? In spite of being successful worldwide, why is VW struggling in the Indian market since many decades? Why is VW following one size fits all approach for the highly diverse Indian market? Why has VW struggled to understand India in spite of operating in India since a long time now?

Do you have any tips/inputs or doubts/questions? We would like to know your thoughts & comments.

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