How to prepare for an Interview?

Getting an invitation for an interview is a huge step forward in your quest to get a job/internship & 70% of your work has been done by your impressive CV & Cover Letter. Successfully cracking an interview requires thorough understanding of expectations, interview preparation document & convincing storytelling

Thorough understanding of expectations

  • Read carefully & point by point – the job profile, description, requirements with a fresh perspective & intention of utilizing the information for your interview preparation
  • Deduce crucial aspects of the job description that are highly relevant to your profile, past experiences & education
  • Focus on the style & vocabulary used for articulation of the job description.  Also, read  other job  positions & department specific information
  • Research about the company’s vision, strategy, culture, concerned department, team as well as interviewers using company website, company & individual social media profiles
  • Leverage these aspects to understand the present status & future plans of the company. Accordingly, utilize them in your storytelling & discussions during the interview  

Interview Preparation Document

  • Reflect, introspect, leverage your CV & Cover Letter for  preparing an interview preparation document that would serve as a roadmap for cracking interviews
  • Interview preparation document should entail – Self introduction, deep dive into your experiences & education, your achievements & extracurricular activities, answers to frequently asked interview questions (Strengths & weaknesses, future plans, why this company & position, why are you a good fit, your value add & impact potential, questions at the end of the interview etc.).      Explore this blog on components of an interview for building a holistic Interview Preparation Document:
  • Employ STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Result) approach & document relevant & impactful scenarios, examples from your past experiences that could be leveraged during discussions & for answering specific questions in interviews

Convincing Storytelling

  • Storytelling is an art which can be learnt  with efforts & time. Marketing & selling yourself is not easy for all but is very important for  the corporate world & life in general. Craft a story connecting all the dots of your life using the first two steps  & tailor it according to the listener’s expectations. Explore this blog on the art of storytelling:
  • Your story should comprise of data, facts,  contextual information around the position, personality traits, strengths with focus on value addition & impact creation that you have achieved in your life so far. A glimpse into the future should also be given so that the employer can see the future with you, trusts you & feels confident to work with you
  • Just theoretical hard work is not  enough in the fiercely competitive practical reality. Hence, practicing storytelling is more important than having a great theoretical story. Practicing your story enables you to improve the articulation of your life stations, finetune your approach for a targeted message delivery & boost your confidence. So, practice your story in front of a mirror – record & listen to yourself. Ask your friends to conduct mock interview sessions
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