How to make use of “others” section in your German CV?

Those of you who have attended our webinars & personal sessions know that CV is fact based. In CV we give factual insights into your skills, education & experience. However, it is recommended to showcase a few of your personality traits in your CV as well.

Why is it recommended?

Even though you are exceptionally good with the skills, the employer would like to know about you as a person. At the end of the day, we are all humans & how you work & fit together as a team is very important.

Now the question is how do we put this across in your CV?

An insight into your personality can be added into your hobbies & interests or as extra curricular activities or simply as an others/ additional information section. Below are few pointers to help you on what contents can be kept:

1. Hobbies & Interests: If there is space available in your CV, you can give little more details & elaborate on your interests. For example, instead of simply writing content writing as your hobby, you could go into the finer details such as what type of content, which platform etc.

2. Volunteering experience: Have you taken up any volunteering activities? If yes, make sure you mention it. This could reflect on your personality & values which might give a good impression to the reader. Volunteering experience also shows that you are productive & managing your time well. For example, becoming an ambassador at reflections. (Do reach out to us if you are interested!!)

3. Clubs / Organizations / Societies: If you are part of a club or a society, do mention about the same & your role. You could portray your team work, pro-activeness & the ability to go the extra mile in areas that you are passionate about

4. Achievements / Awards: Achievements at your previous work place or study programs shows that you are a go-getter. Top highlights from your career can be showcased in this section

5. Online Courses / Certifications: Companies are always looking for candidates who can learn & unlearn. Mentioning your recent certifications shows the HR/Hiring Manager the direction in which you are looking to build your career forward

Providing information about your personality will help the hiring manager & recruiters assess you as a person. If your personality is in line with company culture & the team dynamics, you have a higher chance of getting an interview & conversion to a job.

Let us know in comments what else do you include in the others section of your CV!

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