How to always get REFLECTIONS content in your primary inbox?

Over the past one year, we have been consistently creating informative contents to job seekers & students. However, it has been informed to us that few of you are not getting our emails in your primary inbox. In this article, we want to let you know three different ways by which you can get our weekly mails in your primary inbox.

Move Reflections email to your primary inbox

  1. Click on your “promotions” tab
  2. Find an email from Reflections
  3. Click and grab the email
  4. While still holding down the mouse, drop the email into your “primary” tab

If you are using Gmail mobile App, select the three dots in the upper right hand corner, click move to & select primary

Add reflections as your new contact

Adding Reflections as a contact is the best way to make sure you receive our useful contents to your primary inbox. Below are a few steps on how you can add Reflections as a new contact in gmail.

  1. Open Contacts from Google Apps (right top corner ) and click Plus Create contact
  2. Enter reflections contact information as below
  3. Click Save

Engage & share your thoughts on our email contents

By opening, clicking the links & replying back to our weekly content with your views & suggestions, you can make sure that our mails reach your inbox all the time. More the engagement, more probability of our emails reaching your primary inbox

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