Body Language for Interviews: Impact & Tips

In spite of putting in a lot of hard work in Interview preparation, is your success rate not so good? Are rejections without reasoning & feedback demotivating you, with no direction and clarity of road ahead?

Understanding the impact of your body language and eventually improving your body language could be the ultimate answer to all your interview struggles. 

Impact of Body Language:

According to the famous study by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, 93% of what we believe has nothing to do with words coming out of the speaker’s mouth. 

Only 7 % accounts for verbal communication. Your content and words being used → Your vocal communication is the trigger point and driving force for the entire conversation. Because it accounts for only 7% of message understanding, you should be very mindful of your words & content.

But, that’s not enough. 

  • Visuals & vocals account for 93% of message understanding
  • Visuals comprising of body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, eye contact, energy, aura & other authentic characteristics account for 53% of message understanding
  • Vocals comprising of pitch & tone of voice, vocal inflection, verbal pacing, verbal projection, strategic pauses, feelings conveyed by voice account for 38% of message understanding

Consciously working on and improving your body language is equally important as your content. The body language would make the difference between a successful interview and a failed one.

Tips for improving body language:

  • Have faith in yourself 

Prepare, Prepare & Prepare and Practice, Practice & Practice. The more you prepare & practice, the more is your comfort level with the topic of discussion. The more your comfort level, the more positive you feel about the situation. The more positive you feel, the more confident you are. The more prepared, comfortable, positive and confident you are, the more luckier you get and maximize your chances of getting through your interview.

Belief in yourself makes you the driver of the conversation, distrust in yourself leads to you trying to catch-up with the situation hurriedly. Your confidence also decides your aura, energy and overall body language. So, if you are struggling in interviews, working on this crucial aspect could benefit you enormously.

  • Have faith in the Universe

You manifest something only if you believe in it passionately and have intense true intentions about it. So, believe that you have crossed many hurdles in the past & reached the current destination with a specific purpose and reasoning behind it. Stay positive & optimistic about the future possibilities.Remove all kinds of negativity arising out of fear – fear of unknown, fear of uncertainty, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of consequences thereof. The only outcome that can come out of the situation is only positive. 

  • Analyse & Work on your visuals and vocals –  Yourself & with ‘Reflections’

Preparation and practice just from a content perspective is not enough as already seen in the impact of body language section earlier. The impact, impression and perception that your visuals and vocals are creating, is as important as the content. 

Analyse yourself, your body language, your vocals & visuals by speaking out loud in front of the mirror. Self-analysis and Self-realization is difficult, needs experience and expertise. 

Hence, get feedback from experienced professionals who have struggled, failed & eventually succeeded. Take up Reflections’ Paid Interview Session, where we conduct mock interviews and share our honest, direct and valuable feedback on your content, vocals & visuals. This includes your positives, your improvement areas & ultimately solve all your interview pain points.   

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