5 steps for considering your job search journey itself as a “JOB”

Job search is usually considered to be a stressful journey as one has to undergo numerous rejections & failures before securing a job. Being an expat in Germany, further makes the journey more challenging. It is quite common to be overwhelmed & demotivated in this phase of your life. However, what we need to be mindful is that, this is just a phase of your life & this too shall pass. It is easier said than done. We know!!

Therefore, we recommend to consider the process of doing the job applications itself as a job. Being disciplined & having a regular routine is a good way to stay focused & have a balanced life during your job search journey. You need to stay focused as how you would go about doing a job at your future workplace. Below are the few areas that you can incorporate in your routine:

1. Research: There might be an industry / company you are passionate to work for. Are you aware of what are the skills your dream company is hiring for? Where is the industry heading into? Spending few hours each day to do your own market research will help you to find the right job position to apply for & simultaneously prepare you for an interview. Read about more on research in our earlier blog.

2. Up-skill: A few hours of the day must be spent for skill development. Being consistent & disciplined goes a long way in keeping you motivated. Get that certification & put on your LinkedIn profile. You will feel accomplished. Read more about up-skilling here.

3. Networking / LinkedIn Time: Take your time out during the day for building your network. Since there are not many offline events due to the pandemic situation, make use of social media platforms like LinkedIn. If you are still unsure about how to approach LinkedIn platform for networking, check out our blog on the same.

4. Go for a walk: A healthy mind & body is required to be at your best. Make sure you take out a minimum of 30 minutes for a walk in the park or for sports.

5. Social Life: It is quite common for candidates to feel lonely which results in demotivation. Talk to your friends, family and us at Reflections. Be very active in your social circle & take support wherever required.

The above are few activities that you could do to build a routine. Always remember there are certain aspects of the job search journey that are out of your sphere of influence. There is no point in worrying about aspects not in your control. However, building a daily routine & being disciplined in your job search is something in your control.

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