5 Step Process to find a job in Germany from anywhere in the world

Even though Reflections was started with the objective to support recent graduates & students in Germany, we have been getting a lot of requests to support with the job search while located outside Germany. In this blog, we want to summarize & provide a 5 step process on how to apply for jobs in Germany from anywhere in the world.

1. Research: This is the most important step that needs to be taken once you have made the decision to look for jobs in Germany. There are certain aspects that need to be clarified during this phase as mentioned below:

  • Do you have any prior touch points in Germany? May be you have studied/ lived in Germany that can be showcased to bridge the cultural gap
  • What is your job search strategy? Based on your skill set, are you able to position yourself in the German job market?

For example, if you are someone with an IT background, chances of getting a job directly from your home country is high

  • Does the job role that you are targeting require German language skills?
  • Your targeted companies are willing to support you with a relocation package?
  • How are you looking to build your network?

You can read more about how to do your research in our blog here.

2. Up-skilling: Based on your research, you need to explore if you need to boost your profile & up-skill yourself with the help of certifications or online courses. You need to explore the supply-demand dynamics of the German job market & accordingly continue in your current field or transition to a new career field. Check out our blog on transitioning to a new field here.

3. German Language: Even though your job might not require German language skills, it is highly recommended to learn the language. As you are looking to stay & work in Germany, language skills will help you build your network & help you integrate faster into the community. Check out our blog on German language learning here. 

4. Preparing your CV & Cover Letter: This step requires significant focus if you are new to the job application process in Germany. Your CV must reflect your achievements & should be very structured as per the German CV format. As cover letters are not a common practice for job applications in India, you need to understand the art of writing a cover letter for the German companies. If you have optimized your documents & still not able to get interviews, it is a clear indication that CV & Cover Letter needs to be significantly improved. Be informed that quality applications are more important than quantity. You can download the CV & Cover Letter webinar material here.

5. Preparing for job interviews: In many countries interviews are not as structured as they are in Germany. This means, the company / interviewer cannot do the session as per his/her preference. In Germany, the interview process is largely structured and contains three major components (Introduction by the panel & you, Profile discussion & an opportunity to ask questions to the panel). You can read more about the components of an interview here. Furthermore, we have extensively provided contents on the interview preparation process in our blogs & interview webinar material.

With the focus on digital transformation by companies & in search for the right talents (especially in IT), companies are open to hiring directly from anywhere in the world. Most of them do provide a relocation package for you & your family. By defining your goal & consistent efforts will surely help you find a job in Germany. If you are looking at expert mentorship & guidance, do reach out to us.

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