3 barriers to successful interviews & Overcoming them

Are you struggling to crack interviews in spite of putting in time & efforts for effective preparation?

You are unable to identify where exactly you are lacking in your interviews?

What’s inhibiting you from performing successfully in interviews?

These 3 barriers could be the reasons for your not so good performance in interviews:

  1. Fear

Before Interviews is your mind filled with Questions like – 

  • I lack experience and confidence in a few aspects of the job profile. How will I handle tough questions? 
  • What if I fail in answering some questions?
  • How should I handle HR & personality related tough questions?

Many more such questions before interviews are very natural and proactively dealing with fear is important. 

What actually is FEAR? FEAR is False Evidence Accepted Real. Fear is your mind telling you stories about how things will not work and how you will fail – imaginary stories. 

  1. Anxiety

The natural outcome of fearing is becoming anxious. Anxiety affects your interview performance at multiple levels.

  • In spite of having the knowledge, skills and expertise, you can’t articulate effectively 
  • Your confidence levels are terribly low that is clearly visible in your behaviour, voice & expressions
  • Anxiety affects your energy, your aura and the vibes that you give during interviews. 


To deal with Fear & Anxiety, it’s important to face it and only then it will go away. If you try avoiding it, it will only grow and overpower you. What’s the solution? Faith. 

  • Have faith in your interview preparation
  • Have faith in your skills
  • Have faith in your experiences, your achievements & your learnings 
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Have faith in the Universe

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but your ability to go ahead in spite of fear.”

Check out this blog on Body Language for Interviews that dives deeper into the topic of Faith.

  1. Overthinking

Many are grappled with overthinking, hampering their ability to actually make an impact by delivering, executing and implementing their ideas. Overthinking can happen at multiple levels during your application phases. 

Overthinking clutters your mind, creates confusion and demotivates you. This can eventually lead to pessimism, negativity and depression.


Overthinking happens when you are not staying in the present. Staying in the present is very difficult, as only our breathing happens in the present moment. And staying in the present is the only powerful solution for minimizing overthinking.

Don’t allow your mind to wander and create imaginary fear inducing stories. 

“If you are depressed, you live in the past.

If you are anxious, you live in the future.

But if you are at peace, you live in the present.”

Only if you are at peace, only if you are relaxed and only if you are at ease, will you give your best in any kind of challenge.

  • If you are preparing your introduction for the interview – focus on that. 
  • If you are working on your storyline for a particular question, focus only on the aspects that you need for an impactful story
  • If you are working on the STAR approach for a specific question, focus on that
  • If you are discovering your strengths for answering some interview questions, focus on your personality and experiences that would reveal your strengths
  • If you are answering a question around your work experience, focus only on that. Don’t think about how you answered the previous question and don’t accelerate to deduce the next question in the interview

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